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Intrinsically Safe (IS) is a sensor or smartphone that is designed and manufactured to operate on low amperage/voltage where it can't possibly ignite flammable material. By limiting the power of a device within the defined hazardous area, said equipment can operate safely amid hazardous mixtures of gasses, dust, and metals.

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Sonim XP5560 BOLT IS Intrinsically Safe Cellular phone. Built to Sonim's world class Rugged Performance Standards, the Sonim XP5560 BOLT IS cellular phone can be submerged in water, dropped on to concrete, driven over with a pickup truck without even missing a beat. Sonim's RPS standards go far beyond standard MilSpec certifications allowing enterprises to keep critical business processes .

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We talk about the MilSpec and MilSTD ratings on two way radios and what they mean. We also review the Icom ICF3001 and ICF4001 two way radios. Intro :00 Billboard 1:18. Topic Discussion 1:32 We talk about MilSpec and MilSTD. We discuss what they are, what tests are performed on the radios to meet these ratings and identify some radios that carry these designations.

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Jul 19, 2013· Sponsored Article Airo Wireless announces certification of ISafe 28 Intrinsically Safe Smartphone. 19 July 2013. Airo Wireless is pleased to announce the new intrinsically safe ISafe 28, the first and only smartphone to achieve certification under UL 913 Standards for intrinsic safety.

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Feb 01, 2010· The instrument is intrinsically safe in a Nhexane/air ignitable mix (no electrical discharge above the MIE of hexane (.29 mJ) or hotspot temperatures above the AIT of hexane (223 C). The target area classification for the instrument is Class 1, Div 1 or 2. Specification should be expanded to group level. MIE's for hydrogen and acetylene are 0 ...

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Apr 01, 2005· Intrinsically Safe Handset The i325 IS handset is an intrinsically safe, ruggedized phone that provides offnetwork communications capabilities. The i325 IS handset offers Direct Talk, which allows users who are outside the cellular coverage area to manually transfer to a twoway radiotoradio communication mode with a range of up to six miles ...

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What is the MILSTD810F. It is an equipment testing standard by the United States Department of defense. It describes in detail testing procedures designed to determine how equipment holds up under a variety of conditions the equipment may encounter while being used, transported and stored.

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Jan 11, 2019· TabEx 02 DZ1 intrinsically safe tablet PC from Pepperl+Fuchs ecom brand is the second generation based on Samsung's Tab Active platform, which gives it more capable cameras, an S pen stylus, improved microprocessor and operating system, glovetouchable screen, and facial recognition for security.

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Jul 17, 2012· iPhone 4s Intrinsically Safe? I work in a chemical industry where we have areas that are classified highly flammable. We are told we can only use radios that are intrinsically safe and NOW can't use any cell phone in these areas or in the entire plant for that matter (shotgun effect).

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Intrinsically safe devices are safe to use in hazardous areas that may contain flammable gasses, vapors or dust. The IS version includes an encased intrinsically safe battery capable of Watts transmit power in the 800/900 SMR bands and emergency button operation.

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Jan 12, 2018· Motorola XPR7550 TwoWay Radio Review: An Intrinsically Safe TwoWay Radio. For one, it comes with GPS and Bluetooth for added efficiency and effectiveness. Even with all these bonus perks, the Motorola XPR7550 reviews often cite its durability and rugged design—ideal for first responders and emergency situations. Built to MIL Spec, this radio should outlast the competition by a .


INTRINSICALLY SAFE (IS) DMR TIER 3 AND TIER 2 RADIO Built to last, the TP9300 IS meets global Intrinsically Safe specifications and meets MILSPEC standards for the most rugged applications. This DMR Portable has an IP67 rating for water and dust protection and a watershedding grille to ensure voice clarity and volume are maintained

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MILSTD810 : Yes Accessory Features Microphone Impedance : 2200 Ohms Microphone Sensitivity : 65dB ±4dB at 1kHz Weight: lb (260 g) Suitable for the folowing KENWOOD portable radios. TK280, 380, 480, 2140, 3140, 2180, 3180 (Compatible con VOX de TK2180, 3180).

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Intrinsically Safe Cell Phone Sprint Sprint Motorola i365IS 'Intrinsically Safe' Intrinsically safe devices are safe to use in hazardous areas that may contain flammable gasses, vapors or dust Sprint is the undisputed leader in pushtotalk, serving the largest community of

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Jul 20, 2010· The phone is available immediately and approved for GSM networks around the globe. The Airo A25is is the only handset on the market that has passed rigorous safety testing required for UL 913 (North America) "intrinsically safe" certification and meets rugged military specifications (MILSPEC 810 .

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Devices with the former designation are designed to be safe even after a second order failure of the safety system and are suitable for use in Zone 0 hazardous (explosive) areas. Ex ib devices are designed to operate after a first order failure and as such are suitable for Zone 1 hazardous (explosive) areas.

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