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COMPARISON OF THE PRECISION OF TWO METHODS OF DETERMINING FIELD DENSITY OF EARTHWORKS. Traditionally in Australia, the in situ density of compacted earthworks associated with road construction has been determined by means of the sand replacement test or derivatives of that test.

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Introduction : SAND REPLACEMENT METHOD: Three sizes Available. 10cm (Small Size) 15cm (Medium Size) 20cm (Large Size) 10cm (Small Size) :Sand Replacement of Sand Pouring Cylinder, one calibrating container 10 cm dia a square tray of 30 cm x 30 cm with a central hole of 10 cm diameter.

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apparatus. The Triaxial Testing Apparatus consists of a 50 KN capacity Load Frame, Platen adaptors, dial gauge or digital transducer assembly, Triaxial Cell, Base and pressure system. The Triaxial Testing Apparatus provide variable speed from "( mm) per minute to as low as " ( mm) per minute.

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Dec 12, 2013· Sand replacement. 1. Sand replacement test. 2. Objective Student should be able to : Determine the in situ density of natural or compacted soils using sand pouring cylinders. 3. Theory By conducting this test it is possible to determine the field density of the soil. The moisture content is likely to vary from time and hence the field density also.

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FIELD DENSITY TEST By Sand Replacement Scope/Purpose To determine the insitu density of the soil Description water content. A known A hole is made in the soil layer and the soil excavated is taken to determine the weight and


Protect the sample from moisture loss from the time the sample is taken to the time it is molded. Do not exceed 15 minutes. Determine the temperature according to ND T 309, slump to ND T 119 and air content according to ND T 152. The results of the slump test will determine the method of consolidation.

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density and unit weight of soils using a sand cone apparatus. This test method is applicable for soils without appre ciable amounts of rock or coarse materials in excess of 1 1 ⁄ 2 in.

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This paper describes a comparative study of the three most commonly used field density tests: sandcone, nuclear, and drivecylinder. In order to evaluate the range of variability of these tests ...

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Aim To determine the field density of soil at a given location by sand replacement method Reference IS2720Part28Determination of dry density of soils in place, by the sand replacement method Apparatus Sand pouring cylinder Calibrating can Metal tray with a central hole Dry sand (passing through 600 micron sieve) Balance Moisture .

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Part XXVIII Determination of dry density of soils inplace by the sand replacement method Part XXXIII Determination of the density inplace by the ring and water replacement method Part XXXIV Determination of density of soil inplace by the rubberbaloonmethod This standard was first published in 1966. In this revision, the test

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Field Density Apparatus (sand replacement method): We are offering our clients a commendable range of Field Density Apparatus Sand Replacement Method. Extensively used in determining the dry density of coarse, fine and medium grained soils, it has a cylinder that is fitted with conical funnel and shutter and a calibrating container.


sand is not stored under controlled conditions, carry out a calibration test either before each group of dry density tests or daily, as appropriate. Mass of Sand in the Cone of the Pouring Apparatus and Metal Tray. (a) From the initially filled sand container remove a volume of sand approximately equal to that of the metal calibrating cylinder.

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With huge appreciation by our clients, we are engaged in offering a quality proven range of Field Density Apparatus Sand Replacement Method, which is used to determine dry density of course, fine and medium grained consists of a cylinder fitted with conical funnel and shutter and calibrating container, with in the center.

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The sand cone method is used for field density test in our highway construction. In the field, the dry density test is carried out for check the compaction of layers. Compaction is most useful for the preparation of sub base grade and other pavement layers and in construction of embankment in order to increase the stability and to decrease ...

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Field Density Test Apparatus Sand Replacement Exporters of Field Density Test Apparatus Sand Replacement from India. We bulk supply Field Density Test Apparatus Sand Replacement for use in testing lab.


Dec 18, 2015· Fig2 Sand replacement test of soil. To obtain the field (wet) density we need to determine the volume of this hole which constitutes the rest of the work. This makes use of an equipment in the form of a sand pouring cylinder with a calibrating can (Fig2b). The volume of the cylindrical mould can be determined by measurement.

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Field Density Apparatus/ Sand Replacement Method/ Sand Pouring Cylinder. This apparatus is used for the in place determination, of the dry density of compact, fine and medium grained soils and for layers not exceeding 50 cm thickness.

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The maximum density in densest state is obtained by applying vibrations to the mold with soil on a vibrating table. The insitu density of soil is obtained in the field using sand replacement method or any other suitable method. Equipment: Typical equipment used for the determination of relative density. A typical relative density apparatus ...


sai saa as methods of testing soils for engineering purposes method : soils compaction and density testsdetermination of the field density of a soilsand replacement method using a sand cone pouring apparatus

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Compaction of Soil – Process, Necessity and Theory of Compaction. In the laboratory to determine water density relationship of soil the usual compaction tests used are: standard and modified proctor tests, Harvard miniature compaction test, Abbot Compaction test and Jodhpur—mini compactor tests.