how to repair trip hazard in concrete driveway

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The Solution. The variety of soils and substrates across the greater Houston area are often the root of the problem. Leveled Concrete's system treats the soils under your driveway and addresses the water and erosion issues. The average life cycle of concrete is extended at a fraction of the cost of a complete driveway replacement.

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Eventually, driveway leveling and repair is something most homeowners will be faced with. Due to soil erosion, shifting, and settling, concrete driveways eventually sink and develop cracks and serious trip hazards. Don't dig up and replace your driveway just because it has started to sink!

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We can quickly and efficiently raise and support settled concrete, fixing trip hazards around the home or business. Front walkway, pool decking, garage floor, basement slab, driveway, sun room patio and entire homes can be leveled and supported with structural grade polyurethane and other polymer resins.

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Making Thin Repairs to Damaged Concrete. With proper attention to surface preparation and material selection, durable repairs can be made to worn, scaling or cracked surfaces, extending the life of the concrete.

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If you have sinking concrete around your home, Baker's Waterproofing can lift and restore your concrete to help eliminate trip hazards and pooling water problems. We level concrete driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, and slabs in Western PA, Northern West ia, and Eastern Ohio using a proven polyurethane injection solution called PolyLevel®.

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Concrete Sidewalks, Decorative Concrete Driveways, Parking Lots, Curb and Gutters. Property Management: We cater to the needs of Property Mangement Companies, HOA, Apartment Complexes, Business Parks, Senior Living Complex, Government Buildings and Shopping Centers, concrete trip hazard repair and removal, sidewalk concrete repair.

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Overtime sunken slabs such as driveways, patios, and garage floors can become dangerous trip hazards, divert water towards your home and can make your property look just plain ugly. Sunken concrete is a very common issue many property owners are .

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Trip Hazard/Concrete Repair at 3359 East Comstock Drive Gilbert, Arizona: Hello, I submitted a request in 2017 for the curb degradation in front of my driveway. At the time [July?] I was told the Town was coming into a new fiscal year, so this would be addressed "soon" It still sits, nothing has been done, no one has contacted me. Would you please look into the status of the repair for me?

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While our concrete driveway is sound, it does have numerous noticeable cracks in it. A replacement driveway costs around 10,000. My attempts at repair only make it look worse.

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Sep 02, 2018· Repairing Stamped concrete or change color of stamped concrete September 2, 2018 September 10, 2018 / the concrete professor / Leave a comment WE have been renovating and changing the color of any type concrete you may have at your home or business.

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However, the most significant problem is the liability associated with the trip hazards created when a sidewalk settles unevenly. Walkways made of concrete can be raised to prevent standing water and trip hazards. Some cities put the responsibility on the home owner to repair sidewalks in front of their house.

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What is the size/depth of the trip hazard? Is the concrete footpath or walkway area frequently used? What is the likely outcome if it is not rectified? What is the lighting like in this area? Is the footpath located in or around a public place? Is the concrete slippery – or slippery when wet? Is removal or replacement the best solution to concrete trip hazards? Replacing a concrete slab is often a very expensive method.

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end, the City has created this trip hazard mitigation policy designed to facilitate the inspection, prioritization and scheduling of trip hazard repairs. As part of this policy the City will periodically complete a sidewalk condition survey to assist in the identification of trip hazards and prioritize their repair.

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My driveway concrete slabs had settled such that there was more than an inch of height difference in mating slabs. A1 was completely professional in all aspects timely estimate, arrived to work when stated, and most importantly, they were able to achieve a great result.